The Rules for using Beyond Second

What kinds of images can I post?

Any images you post must be photographs in JPEG format, under 2 megabytes in file size. Digitally manipulated photographs are OK. All photos you submit must be taken in Harrisburg, PA, as defined within the boundaries below. The subject matter of your photo may be just about anything -- people, buildings, abstracts, etc -- but under no circumstances will we tolerate obscene material (pornography, hate, etc).

What does "in Harrisburg" specifically mean?

What sets Beyond Second apart from other photo-sharing communities is that all of the subject matter on this site is confined to the city limits of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Specifically this includes Downtown, Midtown, Uptown, Allison Hill, Southside, City Island, the Greenbelt, Resevoir Park, Wildwood Lake and extended North to Fort Hunter and the Rockville Bridge. Areas not accepted include Susquehanna Township, Penbrook, Swatara Township, Steelton, Three Mile Island, Harrisburg International Airport, the West Shore and so on. See the map to the right.

Exception: Photos outside the city are acceptable if the city is within view. For example, photos of Harrisburg taken from across the river, from a mountain or aircraft.

How many photos may I post?

You can submit one photo per day. New signups can submit up to 10 photos at once to get their galleries started. After the first ten, the one-per-day rule automatically kicks in. There is no limit on the total number of photos you put in your gallery, however.

Though the daily limit may feel restrictive, we've found that it encourages extra thought about what gets uploaded, and a diverse mix of photos week-to-week. Creativity is the product of constraint!

How will my images be resized?

When you upload a photo, it is automatically resized to be 480 pixels at its greatest dimension (wide or tall). Two additional versions are created: 150x150 and 34x34 thumbnails, both cropped from the center.

Who has ownership of the photos?

You retain copyright on all your submitted work, and you may remove it from the site at any time. The administrators of Beyond Second reserve the right to remove or deny any work from the site.

Are photographs for sale?

No, however you may contact the artist directly and arrange terms of sale with him or her. Beyond Second is not intended to be a commercial site.