About Beyond Second

Beyond Second was created in the Summer of 2003 by Rich Hauck and Dave Robertson, two Harrisburg-based Web designers. They both shared a passion for digital photography and recognized the need for an online creative outlet in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.

Beyond Second was also built in response to the over-emphasis being placed on Second Street's "Restaurant Row" by the media at that time. The goal for Beyond Second was to encourage people to look deeper and discover the real Harrisburg -- beyond just the nightlife scene.

The response from the Central Pennsylvania arts community to this experiment/statement has been tremendous. Over the past 14 years, 359 creative people have joined and contributed 10,370 photos from Harrisburg, PA. They've not only made Beyond Second the success it is, but provided the world a colorful insight into Pennsylvania's capital city.

Today, our goal remains to grow a focused community where designers and photographers can converge, share their artwork, and inspire each other. By exploring and contributing to this Web site, visitors have, and will continue to see interesting and unexpected perspectives of Harrisburg.

How to Participate:

Create an account and follow the procedure to set up your artist profile. Once registered, you may begin submitting your photos!